General Guidance about COVID-19 

All our churches are complying with the advice issued centrally by the Church of England. This may be found here.

If you are unable to attend a funeral because of the COVID-19 restrictions, you may find this simple service helpful to use at home at the same time as the service is taking place at the graveside or in the crematorium. Order of Service.

Public Health Advice may be found here.
Excellent web site on COVID-19 from our local County Council may be found here.
If you are self-isolating, there is some very helpful, practical advice here.

If you are able to help others through these difficult days please print off and deliver some help offer cards that may found here.

For the present all worship in all Church of England churches is suspended and churches remain closed.

Contingency plans are in development should clergy fall ill.

The churches are - like everyone else - affected by the financial squeeze COVID-19 places on our communities. Please continue to support your churches financially, even when you cannot join us for worship. All our clergy, churchwardens and Treasurers can advise on how to donate electronically to support the ministry of your church.

Thank you.


David Ford, 23/03/2020