Pray for our parish every day 

Each month we produce a prayer diary for the parish, covering some of the many aspects of our common life together. Please join with us in praying for Bromsgrove and for all seeking to bring Christ's light and love to our communities. Thank you.

Bromsgrove Parish Prayer Diary for December

God is our refuge and strength,
    an ever-present help in trouble. Psalm 46.

Wednesday 1st December- Listening Service Monitoring Group
We pray for the valuable work that is being done with the teenagers of the Parish.
Thursday 2nd December – Dodford
In these trying times we give thanks for ways that the church family can find a way to meet safely in this cherished place of worship
Friday 3rd December – Clergy
Father we pray for our clergy at this trying time as they attempt to keep the parish working and worshipping. We give thanks for the work they continue manage meeting in church and give thanks that they can meet every Wednesday online to discuss the way forward for the Parish.
Saturday 4th December – All Saints Christmas Bazaar
We pray that this and other fund raiser throughout the Parish will be a success as an income and as a community outreach
Sunday 5th December- Christ Church Birthday
Today we celebrate the birth of Christ Church which ties in with Thank You Sunday. I am reliably informed there will be cake
Monday 6th December – Totwalds Pre School worship
We pray for this period of worship and a chance to celebrate the work done in the parish in respect of our young people and their families
Tuesday 7th December – Parish Administrators
We give thanks for the appointment of Lauren Jones and Irene Caswell-Berwick as our  Parish Administrators and pray that they will feel welcomed and valued during their time with us
Wednesday 8th December-St Johns DCC
We pray for wisdom and that God’s voice will speak into each decision that is made
Thursday 9th December – Finances
Over the coming indefinite period money will continue to be an issue. On a personal level jobs will be lost incomes will be lost or at best reduced.  Churches and the Diocese of Worcester will not be immune to this, and we pray that severe hardship in all areas can be avoided.
Friday 10th December- Church Wardens
Please remember our Church Wardens as they give their time willingly and unselfishly and sometimes do not always get the gratitude their service deserves.
Saturday 11th December – Weddings
With the change to rules covering weddings, we pray for all couples preparing for their weddings over the coming few months and the joy that brings
Sunday 12th December – Christ Church Toy Service
Today we think of all those boys and girls who will not receive presents this Christmas and we give thanks that churches hold these services to enable the Salvation Army to spread some cheer to these children.  We pray that we will receive the usual generosity from the parishioners.
Monday 13th December – Pharmacies/Doctor’s surgeries
We thank you, Lord, for all the people working on the front line in pharmacies and surgeries.   We pray for their safety as they serve others and for their anxious families at home.  We pray that the people who visit these places seeking help will be responsible and avoid putting these dedicated people at risk.  May their religious faith sustain and inspire them?
Tuesday 14th December–Lickey End Carol Service
Carol services are such a staple at this time of year and give thanks for this community outreach at the village hall and pray that all of these events will be a source of joy
Wednesday 15th December Bromsgrove
We pray for a sense of peace and community within all areas of this town that we all love so much and have pride in.
Thursday 16th December– Baptisms
As with weddings rules covering baptisms have now relaxed and we pray for all families who are preparing for baptisms in the coming weeks
Friday 17th December- Finstall Village Carol Service
Carol services are such a staple at this time of year and give thanks for this community outreach at the village hall and pray that all of these events will be a source of joy
Saturday 18th December – School Holidays
We pray for all students and teachers in our schools that they will enjoy their Christmas holiday and come back in the New Year refreshed and ready to meet any challenges that they may encounter
Sunday 19th December– Care Homes
There are a few care homes throughout the parish for which we would ask you that you wrap your arms around.  Enable the carers in those places to have sufficient protection to be able to provide the level of care that is needed to ensure the residents maintain a level of physical and emotional wellbeing. We give thanks that people living in these homes are now allowed to see one of their loved ones.
Monday 20th December– Local Hospitals
For the sacrifice and work undertaken by Nursing staff, paramedics, porters, cleaners, catering staff.  Keep them safe and make sure they have all the protective equipment they need and give thanks that they are working to keep us all safe.  Now that the number of Covid related patients is decreasing we pray that you will be with them as they cope with the high number of procedures that have built up.
Tuesday 21st December– High Street shops bars restaurants and cafes
For so long we have taken for granted our ability to shop, eat and drink where we like at almost any time we want.  These establishments have faced unprecedented strains on their ability to survive this storm.  Perhaps we can take this time to appreciate what we have, cherish it, and invest our money in these businesses to help in their recovery.  We give thanks for a loosening of the restrictions around these businesses, and we pray for their survival and growth
Wednesday 22nd December – Farmers
We give thanks for those who continue to work tirelessly to produce food that makes its way onto our supermarket shelves.  Once again this is a group of people who we have tended to take for granted because somehow the food we eat continues to arrive on our table.  Once we are through this time of struggle lets ensure that we place buying from our own farmers ours, and this country’s priority.  Please ensure that there are sufficient hands to pick all the produce that needs to be harvested.
Thursday 23rd December - Christ Church Catshill
In these trying times we give thanks for ways that the church family can find a way to meet safely in this cherished place of worship.
Friday 24th December – Christmas Eve
We look forward to the services that are provided by our churches on this day that signals the traditional beginning of Christmas be that a Christingle or Midnight Eucharist.
Saturday 25th December- Christmas Day
Joy of joys he is born. Father God when your precious Son became a tiny baby in a stable in Bethlehem in poverty and simplicity, you changed our world. As we imagine those surroundings, we join with the shepherds and the wise men in wonder and praise. We thank you for our material lives, praise you for our spiritual lives, and trust in you for our eternal life. Amen.
Sunday 26th December- St Godwald’s
In these trying times we give thanks for ways that the church family can find a way to meet safely in this cherished place of worship. 
Monday 27th December– St John’s and St Andrew’s
In these trying times we give thanks for ways that the church family can find a way to meet safely in this cherished place of worship
Tuesday 28th December- Food banks
An increasing number of people have come to rely on these establishments as we have had to come to terms with the period of austerity that the country has had to live through.  Please ensure these priceless community assets continue to receive the support that is vital to the work they do.  We also give thanks for those who have been moved by the plight of people struggling and have contributed financially or by providing items of food.
Wednesday 29th December- Those living alone.
Lord we think today and pray for those people who have had to self-isolate and who hunger for the touch of a hand or to see a friendly face in their homes.  We pray that there will be people who will give some solace by making a phone call or some form of social media to let them know they have not been forgotten.  Thank you for the kind generous souls who have volunteered to shop for essential food items.  We give thanks for the loosening of restrictions which mean that more people can receive the reassurance that only a hug from a loved one can give
Thursday 30th December – Those who keep our community functioning.
We ask God to bless all those who must work at this time for the good of the whole community.  Especially we remember those who deliver milk or post and those who collect our rubbish and our recycling materials.   We remember the lorry drivers and van drivers who keep our supermarkets and homes stocked with essential goods. May they realise how we value their work. Thank you for those who have continued to work to stock supermarket shelves, serve on deli counters, work on the tills, and generally help around the stores.  Without their selfless attitude and commitment to turning up to work in conditions that see them exposed to the Corona Virus to a greater degree than any of us, except for the NHS, we would not have the ability to feed ourselves and our families.
Friday 31st December
We give thanks for the joys that 2021 has given us and the challenges it has provided and look forward to the New Year with a true and sure faith.

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