Admission of Children to Holy Communion Before Confirmation

Can my child receive communion if they haven't been confirmed?

The answer is yes if the child is baptised, is at least six years old, is supported in their desire to receive communion by their DCC, parents and priest/vicar, and if both parents/carers and child have completed an appropriate course.

This autumn, Rev David Ford will run the course 'Ready to Share One Bread' in the Ruth Heald Room at St Godwald's Church in Aston Fields.

Dates:         Saturday 5th October 2pm - 4.30pm
                        Saturday 19th October 10am - 2pm (ending with a bring and share lunch)

Attendance at both sessions is required and parents/carers must attend also. There is no charge.

Once the course is completed there is a short liturgy of admittance led by your own priest that takes place during a Sunday morning Eucharist. The names of those admitted to communion before confirmation are kept in an appropriate register. All children who are admitted are expected to be confirmed as soon as they have had the opportunity to complete a confirmation course appropriate to their age.

If interested, please discuss this with your vicar or contact David Ford direct on 01527 873831 or at