ReachOut Bromsgrove

In 2018 the Anglican churches of Bromsgrove launched the Bromsgrove Youth Project, now known as ReachOut Bromsgrove.

The initial objective was to research the issues and concerns that dominate the lives of the most disadvantaged young people in the town. Since then the project has funded and managed the provision of detached youth workers to support young people on the streets of the town. Clearly identifiable as Church of England youth workers, the projects' ethos is rooted in an approach that is focused on non-judgemental listening and acceptance. The gospel is shared when raised by the young people themselves.

A short video about this work may be viewed here.

In addition to detached youth work in the town centre and estates of Bromsgrove, ReachOut Bromsgrove also run Music Workshops, building on young people's natural interest in music to encourage and help them articulate the issues and concerns that affect their daily lives. Through music we are finding it possible to support young people to make positive lifestyle choices and develop alternative futures for themselves.

ReachOut Bromsgrove is grateful to all its funders for their support including the Grantham Yorke Trust, All Churches Trust, National Lottery and Youth Music.

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David Ford, 27/07/2019