This Week at St John's

New Covid Restrictions (Plan B)
We believe that the size of St John's church does mitigate against a high risk of transmission. However there is still a risk, to lower these risks we ask that 
1. Wear Face Masks in Church - A legal requirement
The guidance as regards taking masks off whilst singing will only be applied to the choir and "performers" and in these cases social distancing will be applied between the choir and congregation. 
2. Hand sanitising and Track and trace - Advisory
We do ask that you sanitise your hands before and after leaving church and use Track and Trace.
3. Social Distancing
 As long as we all wear face masks and sanitise our hands we feel that imposing social distancing is not required. We do however recognise that some may wish to observe this and so we do have "keep your distance" cards that you can use on your pews
4. Church Cleaning
where there is an insufficient time gap between services we would like to give surfaces a clean, If you can help with this then that would be really helpful.
Christmas Services Publicity
Posters and postcards are available at the back of the church. Please take if you can display it on a prominent window or take a postcard to give to a friend 
Red, Red Wine!
Would you be able to donate a bottle of red wine to help us make some mulled wine for the 9 lessons and carols service on the 19th December.
Donations can either be dropped off at the vicarage or the office (Tues, Weds, Fri 9.30am - 1.00pm)
Saturday 11th December 
Church Cleaning: 8.30am - 12pm: Please come and help, even if it is just for an hour. The more the merrier. We will be constructing the crib and setting up the tree from 9.30am, any help would be appreciated
CTIB Carol singing outside Iceland: 10.30am
Christingle:  5pm @ St Johns
This Sunday 12th December Advent 3
10.45am       Holy Communion  @ St Johns
12.30pm      Thanksgiving Service  @ St Johns
This Week
Saturday 18th 5pm  Charford Carols @ St Andrews Car Park. Please note that the car park is out of use
Next Sunday 18th December Advent 4
9.15am        Holy Communion  @ St Andrews
10.45am      Worship for All  @ St, Johns
6.00pm        Nine Lessons and Carols  @ St Johns
Advent Appeal
This is the 3 rd and final year of our support for the St. Asaph Centre of Mission, run by the Church Army.
We are holding a collection for St. Asaph during Advent.There are labelled collection envelopes in church and a collection box in St. John’s. 
If you wish to gift aid your donation, please use a Church Army gift aid form.
You will find forms in St. John’s church, or you can get one from
Sheila Vincent (01527 875580).
Cheques should be made payable to “Church Army”. Please put your donation envelope in the box or on the collection plate and we shall send the total to Church Army after Christmas.
Office Hours during Christmas
Please note that the office will be closed from the 24th December reopen on the 4th January 2022
Joy: A poem, for Advent 3
Children sing
I’ve got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart!
and I agree with that sentiment.
There is a lot of joy available,
worthy of being mentioned four times,
but the down part is true, too.
Very often, the joy is buried deep below the surface,
hidden under layers of information and distraction,
a polished stone under a stack of old newspapers.

So much negative in the world today,
so much trash,
so much fear.
We bury our faces in our phones
because machines are much easier than people,
and the garbage keeps piling on,
and the joy becomes more and more a distant memory.

But joy is our birthright.
The angels told the shepherds they were bringing
good news of a great joy that will be to all people.
The good news is for us,
but we have to make room for it.
Our minds are busier
than a guest house in Bethlehem during a census —
too full for one more family,
even a small one.

The birth is coming,
the joy is promised.
May we make ready,
may we make room.
May we join together,
help each other,
and sanctify space
for God’s great gift of joy.